Leadership Program:

Why do we develop leaders? Because great leaders create great teams, and great teams are made up of individuals who are enabled to contribute their best, add value, which creates a successful and profitable business. At BeEvolvedHR, we provide solutions that will give your leaders the tools to guide the organization in achieving its key initiatives. Think of the leaders you admire-both men

and women. Great leaders are able to see all sides of an issue, stay calm in the midst of chaos, and easily defuse conflicts. Adept at championing their causes, they are charismatic public speakers, persuasive communicators, and empathetic listeners. To top it off, they usually possess strong organizational and delegation skills.


Great leaders bring out the best in others because they know how to build trust, encourage confidence, and command respect. Most important, however, is the ability of great leaders to inspire others to want to follow their initiatives, adapt their ideas, and perform above and beyond their own capabilities on a regular basis. How can you become a more powerful, effective, and respected leader?

Coaching Program:

BeEvolved HR has partnered with the John Maxwell Company. Each team member is certified and trained to coach leaders. Our coaching program is customized to cover employees in different levels in the organization. Our program covers C-level executives leading the organization to individuals contributing to the organization. 


Our coaching philosophy is to partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. These customized engagements often focus on organizational and strategic change, values clarification, leadership development, teambuilding, performance coaching and the development of high performing teams.


Coaching also helps new managers develop leadership and exceptional people skills. Coaching is about understanding how to set clear goals, agreement and strategies and then take appropriate action. Coaching is a process that will teach a leader to quickly identify each employee's behavior and motivators, so that he/she can communicate with them in a way that accelerates productivity and performance. 

Organizational Programs:

For Managers and Employees At All Levels, We Offer Training Sessions Such As:


change management

working in virtual teams

handling conflict

HR for Non-Hr Manager

Performance Management

counseling's, discipline and discharge

time mastery

emotional intelligence

Benefits For An Organization


 Affordable "Direct- Hire" Placements On A Nationwide Level

Percentages Of The Salary

Competitive, Temporary, Short-Term and Perm Placements

 We Perform Complete Background Checks On Each Candidate

 We Pre-screen Every Applicant, And We Provide Career Coaching To New Hires For 30 Days 

 We Find The Most Qualified Candidate To Meet Your Needs.